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Harvey Rhys Clinic site Tues 4-6pm 01925 917 578

Spire Cheshire Hospital site 01925 215 087


Monday am, Friday pm

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    • Call Mr. Blackburn on 01925 215 008
      or email

    • Consultation with Mr. Blackburn
      30 minutes: £230. Written information about procedure and aftercare, letter to patient / GP.

    • Preoperative assessment with nurse and doctor support. Cosmetic Surgery with ward care, removal of stitches + first 3 postoperative review consultations with Mr. Blackburn all included in the cost of surgery.

      Health insurance information


      For clients utilising insurance cover: Mr Blackburn is registered as a Consultant Provider with all the major UK insurers including bespoke insurers such as WPA, William Russell, AVIVA and common insurers such as BUPA, Axa and has admitting rights as a Consultant Surgeon with Spire hospitals, BMI hospitals, HCA hospitals, skn clinic and Face & Eye clinic.

      You will feel more relaxed and able to concentrate on the detail of your consultation when you already know the cost of a consultation or treatment. So, prior to booking your appointment, you are well advised to

      1. Check whether your health insurance company will cover you to see the Consultant you have chosen – i.e. are they on their registered list of Consultant Providers or not. NB more recently, some insurers have limited the list of consultants they display online to only those who agree to a basic list of charges – i.e. other consultants may also be registered with them who are not on these ‘first look’ lists.

      2. Ask your insurer in advance whether they cover just the consultation / consultation & investigations / consultation investigations & outpatient treatment and if there are any limits on these – over which you would have to cover ‘surcharge’ costs yourself. Mr Blackburn’s new consultation charges in 2022 are: 30 mins £230; 45 mins £275; 60 mins £427.  It is unusual for a new consultation to be more than 30 mins. Review consultations are £137.