Professional visit to New York Facial Plastic Surgery Center

Posted in Uncategorised on 7th February 2018 by Tim BlackburnTim Blackburn.

I had a great 3 days visiting the New York Facial Plastic Surgery Center in January 2018 with Dr Jacono. Surgery started very early at 06.00 hours each day and I was impressed with the clinic, surgical and nursing care being delivered. This reaffirmed to me the benefit of occasional observerships with the best surgeons around the world to help stay up to date with continuing professional development. I have now visited Dr Francoise Firmin in Paris, Prof Bigliogli in Milan as well as surgeons in London, Hong Kong, Chicago, Quebec, Toronto, Belgium, Germany & Austria. On every visit, I have come away with several learning / reflection points as well as areas affirming my technique selection. This one was no exception and provided good opportunities for discussion of latest technical developments including direct observation of the current techniques preferred by Dr Jacono at the top end of surgical practice in New York.