Membership of MAC for Facial Palsy UK

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n 2013, Tim was invited to join the Medical Advisory Committee for Facial Palsy UK charity which seeks to engage with research and support services to those patients suffering facial weakness (paresis) or paralysis of the facial muscles – often from conditions such as Bell’s palsy or after brain surgery. This is a field that stirs the soul of anyone close to someone with the condition or involved in caring for them. The face is the instrument with which we relate to the world and partly with our own identity. A functional condition affecting the facial tissues is far more than an anatomical soft tissue deformity and can have far-reaching impact into one’s mental health, relationships with family and friends and occupational effectiveness. Tim has worked with other colleagues at Manchester Royal Infirmary, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and Royal Manchester Eye Hospital to further evolve the interdisciplinary service offered to these patients and, in particular, has developed delivery of microvascular and dynamic surgical procedures at the Manchester Royal Infirmary for these patients.