Posted in on 26th January 2015 by Liberonet-FacialAdminLiberonet-FacialAdmin.

I absolutely love my new nose! Mr Blackburn really listened to me, discussed and went over in detail what was achievable for me. Hardly anyone knows about my surgery but I’ve had comments from people who can tell there is something different, but they don’t know what. My change is subtle (which is what I wanted) but it’s made such a difference, my nose is more refined now. I never thought I’d say I love my nose! Mr Blackburn is a perfectionist, very confident in his own ability and put me at ease the whole time. He was very honest about what I could expect the results to be. There was no pain at all after surgery and the recovery time was faster than I anticipated. It’s a cliche but it took me years to pluck up the courage to make the first appointment, I’m so pleased I did.